One canvas.
Infinite possibilities.
Zero waste.

We're giving you a new super-power.

The world's first re-printable and erasable Graphic T-Shirt.

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Anything from the Internet.
In Minutes.

Reveel is disrupting fast fashion. Using patent-pending MagicInk™️, personalized apparel is accessible, scalable, and environmentally conscious.

1. Choose your design

Choose from our curated art selections, link to your Twitter account, Digital Art or NFT collection, or create your own artwork from scratch.

2. Activate MagicInk™️

The Reveel lamp brings your artwork to life. MagicInk™️ reacts to the light from the lamp to transfer your artwork directly to the garment.

3. Erase and reprint

The Reveel lamp also works as an eraser - resetting your garment for your next design.

Wear the Metaverse
in the

Share your album art, NFTs, or any
piece of culture

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Paul Spiff

Whoever Is Happy Will Make Others Happy Too

Sarah Blakely

Fortnite Is Where You Have More Fun, Less Grind.

Santiago Ferandez

Loves Comes Naturally from the Human Heart

Sarah Cooper

Los Angeles Lepoards Will Win The Championship

Official Fans of the LA Leopards

Music heals the soul.

The Next Big Music Icons

One Planet, One Humanity

The Group for Climate Action

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Welcome to the
future of apparel

We're ambitious scientists and creatives working on this world-changing tech to de-carbonize and digitize your closet.

Raj Bhakta, Founder and CEO

Climate change is a defining problem for our planet. A simple idea - reprintable and eraseable apparel - could have a massively beneficial impact on our ecosystem, and the fashion industry at large. Why have 50 graphic tees, when you could have just 1?

As a materials scientist, I started making magical color changing ink in my parent's garage in the summer heat of Houston, TX, and have continued to experiment ever since. And while we're starting with classic tee's, the sky's the limit on future customizable products.

Why Reveel?

We believe in self-expression without compromising our planet.
Create personalized apparel instantly - avoiding time-consuming shopping trips and shipping delays.
Be a part of culture, your favorite community, sports team, or represent your favorite artist - as it happens in real-time.
Lower your carbon footprint by 12x and your water footprint by 100x. Help us save the planet one tee at a time.

A creative world awaits

Reveel for creators

Drop your NFTs, digital art, album art, or any piece of content instantly onto the Reveel Marketplace to share with the world - all without having to worry about complicated supply chains, manufacturing, or shipping.

It took me like 1 min to setup my NFT drops for my upcoming album on the Reveel Marketplace. All my followers were able to instantly download and print their NFTs to wear on their Reveel Ts. SUCH. A. VIBE. I saved SO much time, money, and hassle compared to my previous apparel drops!

Reveel for everyone

Discover creativity from all corners of the globe - from the hottest NFTs, to breaking tweets, and print it instantly to your Reveel T.

"This T-Shirt is straight from the future! It's like the 'Tesla of T-Shirts' - such a magical experience - I just downloaded my NFT and printed it instantly. And it's way more sustainable than me having to buy another T-Shirt!"

Who are you?

We're material scientists working to decarbonize the apparel industry. We see a future where apparel art and manufacturing is as digital and accessible as music, books, and other content. It'll be better for the way we express ourselves and better for the planet. Less waste, more expression, better experience.

How is this sustainable?

Our research suggests that there are 3 main types of sustainability:

Reuse (use the same thing again and again till end of life)
Reduce (reduce your consumption as much as possible)
Recycle (recycle things into more things)

We believe reducing physical consumption as much as possible is the best way to be sustainable just like it was for digital books and digital music.

Here's the 'quick maths' behind this:

1 Regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirt = 3kg of CO2e

If you buy 10 Regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts ->
3kg (CO2e) * 10 Regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts
= 30 kg of CO2eIf you buy 100 regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts ->
3kg (CO2e) * 100 Regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts
= 300 kg of CO2e

1 Cotton T-Shirt = 12,000 L of Water

If you buy 10 Regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts ->
12,000 L (H2O) * 10 regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts
= 120,000 L of Water

If you buy 100 regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts ->
12,000 L (H2O) * 100 regular Cotton Graphic T-Shirts = 1,200,000 L of Water

By wearing the Reveel T you're able to decrease your carbon footprint by 12x and your water footprint by 100x (over 100 designs worn), making it the most sustainable Graphic T-Shirt in the world.

Our References:
1. Niinimäki, K., Peters, G., Dahlbo, H., Perry, P., Rissanen, T., & Gwilt, A. (2020). The environmental price of fast fashion. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 1(4), 189-200.
2. Sandin, G., & Peters, G. M. (2018). Environmental impact of textile reuse and recycling–A review. Journal of Cleaner Production, 184, 353-365.

What's the magic behind Reveel?

There’s a lot of exciting materials science and chemistry behind our technology.

Our MagicInk™️ color changing ink is specially-designed to change color under specific wavelengths of light. Even more magical - using another wavelength of light, MagicInk™️ erases completely. The Reveel lamp makes this happen with a dedicated LED array.

How does this hold up compared to screen printing?

Screen printing is a permanent process. Reveel is much more temporary.

MagicInk™️ currently supports Red, Green, and Blue colors which are mixed to make multiple colors, and lasts around 48 hours before fading. Think of this as a way to express yourself in the moment - concerts, sports, gaming, parties, current events, and nightlife.

If you’re a scientist / engineer interested in helping our R&D team out, please email with any other info that'd help us get to know you better. We’re always looking for world-class talent to help our mission of decarbonizing and digitizing the apparel industry. Feel free to be creative :)

What's your current IP?

We can't share all our secrets, but we can tell you that a non-provisional patent application has been filed with the USPTO on our core tech (patent pending).

How can I get involved?

Customers and vendors
We're currently testing beta units and getting ready for early release. Please reach out to with sales and purchasing requests.

Now is the time to get involved in the global shift toward digital apparel. Please email to connect with Raj and the Reveel team.

We're unlocking a new and exciting way for artists to connect directly with consumers through apparel designs. Learn more about our artist platform by reaching out to .

We're currently accepting applications for scientists and engineers in our R&D department. Send us a link to your CV/portfolio/resume at and let us know who you are!

How are you sizing apparel?

Reveel uses unisex sizing and fit, and T-Shirt fabric is made from 100% preshrunk cotton.. If you're between sizes, choose the smaller size for a more athletic look and tighter fit, or choose the larger size for loose comfort and flexibility.

What are your care instructions?

Machine cold wash and medium heat dry / air-dry with the detergent of your choice. Reveel tees can also be hand washed and dried. MagicInk™️ can be ironed with a non-stick cover at low heat.

Each Reveel tee is washable up to 50 - 100 times depending on your wash settings and usage. Designs can be re-printed more than 100x+ depending on the usage.

How do orders work?

Reveel is currently in a pre-launch phase. Sign-up via our 'pre-order' waitlist form to be one of the first in the world to get your hands on the Reveel T.

You get the following:
Reveel T-Shirts with MagicInk + MagicLamp + Reveel Smartphone App

Personalize your style

Reveel is currently available for preorder by signing up on our waitlist. As part of our Beta program, you'll help us make this product ready for full release.


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